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Control-M Application Integrator has features for application developers and production control sta to design, test, deploy, and schedule jobs and business services. It extends the bene ts of Control-M to any application through an easy-to-use design tool and access to crowdsourced job types in the Control-M Application Hub.


Application agnostic: Control-M Application Integrator works with a variety of application interfaces, including Web Services, REST API, and command line.

Design and schedule workflows for any application: The intuitive web-based interface enables developers and schedulers to avoid scripting and redesigning work ow logic to t generic job forms. Control-M Application Integrator makes building jobs easy, flexible, and repeatable—eliminating inefficient work ow designs, saving time, and reducing risk.
Community support: The Control-M Application Hub is an online application exchange that helps users get the most out of Control-M. Users can share job types they have designed, which can accelerate deployment.
Control-M Application Integrator extends the benefits of Control-M to all types of applications.

Improved accuracy through automation: Control-M offers extensive job analysis and post-processing facilities. Users can configure job completion scenarios that instruct Control-M to automatically orchestrate recovery actions.

Manage batch services, not just individual jobs: Control-M manages batch services that support business services rather than just individual workloads. It elevates workload management from being job-oriented to an activity based on business priority and relevance.
Downtime prevention: Control-M defines service levels for batch business services, constantly monitors progress against the service levels, and applies predictive analytics to detect potential delays at the earliest possible moment. It can be configured to automatically send notification of potential problems and to open a ticket in the enterprise service desk system.
Dynamic infrastructure management: Control-M monitors workflows against service requirements and connects with virtual or cloud services to automatically provision additional resources as needed and to decommission them when no longer needed.
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Control-M Application Integrator extends BMC’s Control-M solution to any application through a simple, web-based design tool. Users can easily create their own job types to quickly and reliably deliver business services to customers. Backed by the Control-M Application Hub, an open community exchange where users can find, use, and share crowdsourced job types, new or enhanced digital services can be easily and quickly delivered in a scalable and sustainable way.


Organizations are under pressure to deliver new services to their business users and customers more quickly. Development teams are challenged to keep up with demand, often having to support different toolsets and write proprietary scripts for many of the applications and systems in use. Without the right automation, IT and development teams are challenged by the need to deliver business services quickly, securely, and cost effectively.


Control-M delivers the next wave of IT automation—Digital Business Automation— moving beyond traditional workload automation and adapting to modern IT technologies and processes. Unlike other workload automation integration tools that require the development of custom scripts and programming skills that are costly to implement and maintain, Control-M Application Integrator guides you through the steps for integrating your critical applications with Control-M, resulting in a single, enterprise view. Enhanced by the online Control-M Application Hub accessible from the design tool interface, users can collaborate with the global community to share the job types they design.


Control-M Application Integrator extends the power and convenience of Control-M to a variety of applications.

  • Supports any application – Enables most applications to be connected and managed through Control-M
  • A collaborative community – Control-M Application Hub is an online application exchange where users share the job types they have designed


  • Faster development as application interfaces can be created through a graphical user interface without custom scripts and the ongoing maintenance they require, resulting in better services
  • Leverages investment in Control-M and enterprise applications by enabling jobs from various applications, databases, and platforms to be integrated and managed through a single interface, extending the power of the single point of control
  • Provides access to job types designed by Control-M users in the Control-M Application Hub, allowing you to benefit from a crowdsourced repository of custom Control-M job types resulting in faster deployments of applications and their underlying workload jobs



Integrate any application workload with Control-M
Control-M Application Integrator is a workload automation design tool that lets you connect applications and

processes so business services are quickly and reliably delivered to customers.
Deliver new or enhanced services in a sustainable way.

  • Increase the speed of innovation by controlling what applications get integrated and when
  • Improve services for critical applications with the ability to design job types that fit your service needs
  • Extend the reach and return of your investment through crowd-sourced job  types and a community of experts



Control-M Application Integrator replaces complex scripting for developing and scheduling business services.

The interface includes drop-down menus and other features that minimize user data entry and

configuration to support rapid, accurate implementation




Automate the critical workloads that power your business

Automate more workloads – faster
Eliminate or reduce writing scripts by designing job forms that

capture the logic required for automated job creation.

Get integration guidance
Build integration through a guided process that takes you

through the steps you need to complete for integrating an application.

Gain more control
Application Integrator job types provide immediate integration, automation insight, and control with the Control-M Self Service, Workload Change Manager and Workload Archiving solutions.

Application Hub exchange
Find, use, and share application integrations from

the crowd-sourced open community of Control-M customers and partners.

Automate any application job service
Application Integrator gives you the power to

automate any application with an automation interface.





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