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APIs and CLIs (Command Line Interfaces) for the entire lifecycle: Control-M Automation API provides APIs and CLIs to automate how workflows are coded, built, tested, run, packaged, deployed, provisioned, configured, and managed. By building more functionality and management features into applications when they are created, organizations save time during the testing, promotion, and production phases.


Code deployment Jobs-as-Code: No scripting is required to build, test, and debug sophisticated application automation using an enterprise-grade production solution. The automation for running, scheduling, and managing batch applications is embedded into the entire software development lifecycle as Control-M Automation API supports all existing tools in the delivery pipeline. For example, jobs are de ned in JSON, stored in GIT, and then built and tested together with the whole application with Jenkins.

Services at your service: Control-M Automation API includes packaged services that automate functions essential for creating, testing, promoting, and running business services and the workflows they depend on.

The REST APIs let you:

  • Build jobs and test whether they are valid Control-M jobs: job samples are provided to get you started
  • De ne and select the Control-M environments
  • Run and track Control-M jobs
  • Package job and configuration objects
  • Deploy job definitions to Control-M
  • Provision Control-M agents
  • Manage Control-M configurations
Enterprise support: Control-M Automation API enables developers to access the broad application integration provided by Control-M for managing Apache® Hadoop®, File Transfer, and Database jobs.

Extend the power and value of Control-M: Control-M provides a single point of control to manage workload processes. Control-M Automation API exposes those automation capabilities to developers, which provides benefits to both development and operations teams.

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Control-M Automation API enables developers and DevOps engineers to embed Jobs-as-Code, a best practice approach within the agile application release process. Using JSON notation for job definitions, GIT, and RESTful APIs for validation, configuration, and deployment, workflow scheduling artifacts are seamlessly integrated with the enterprise’s automated application release and deployment process.


Rapid development efforts often stall at the testing, debugging, and deployment stages. Problems occur because of the inability to manage batch workflows in the same manner as other components of the application package, such as the source code and environment configuration objects. This causes inconsistencies between the production environment and the environments where applications are created and tested. Managing these inconsistencies has historically been a time consuming, manual, and error-prone process.


Control-M delivers the next wave of IT automation—Digital Business Automation— moving beyond traditional workload automation and adapting to modern IT technologies and processes. Control-M Automation API creates consistency among the development, test, and production environments by giving developers the ability to embed workflow automation while applications are being developed. This results in applications running more reliably and errors being diagnosed more quickly. Control-M Automation API lets developers automate workflows within applications using their preferred environments and tools.


  • Control-M Automation API builds automation and consistency into the development process so new business services go from concept to production faster.
  • Included APIs and CLIs expose a rich set of functions that automates workflows across the entire application lifecycle
  • Provides visibility into how workflows will run in production during the testing process · Uses JSON, Jenkins, GIT, and other familiar tools


  • Aligns development and operations – The people that create applications and those responsible for running them can work from a consistent, familiar platform that addresses the entire lifecycle
  • Eliminates disconnects – Now applications and the workflows they depend on to execute can be developed together to eliminate inconsistencies and save steps in the deployment process

The functions that Control-M Automation API support include:

  • Syntax validation
  • Configuration management
  • Agent provisioning
  • Workbench


You want stay on top of project costs, prevent scope creep, and continue to deliver robust applications fast.

To gain a competitive edge you need solutions that can help your teams deliver against these goals. Control-M Automation API can help your teams:

Drive faster time-to-market for applications, increasing competitiveness by embedding workflow capability into development cycles

Standardize processes to decrease single-point-of-failure risks and reduce tool sprawl that can drive up costs




Is your organization implementing DevOps to shorten application delivery lifecycles?

Stop wasting time – build batch business application automation earlier in the software delivery lifecycle.

Control-M Workbench can:

  • Provide access to build, test, and debug batch automation in a sandbox environment
  • Seamlessly integrate with preferred CI/CD tools and methods, including JSON, Git, Jenkins, and others
  • Reduce rework, speed application delivery and increase quality
  • Foster skill sharing and collaboration between development and operations


Leveraging solutions that support standards and secure development practices is necessary to successfully

drive faster application delivery with minimal errors.

Control-M Automation API can help you:

  • Eliminate dependence on IT Ops by accessing scheduling capabilities through self-service
  • Reduce time spent on resolving errors when transitioning applications and jobs to IT Ops
  • Spend less time learning multiple scheduling solutions through use of a standard scheduler, compatible
  • across existing CI/CD tools

Increase app quality while speeding delivery

Enable shift-left best practices for job and workload scheduling automation to speed time to delivery and

increase application quality

  • Work in a familiar development environment (and avoid additional training) using JSON, REST APIs and a
  • node.js CLI for creating workflows as artifacts
  • Find defects and bugs earlier in the SDLC to reduce costs and increase higher quality applications
  • Take a Jobs-as-Code approach to accelerate application build, test, and validation. View infographic
  • Provide developers access to business application automation leveraging Control-M Workbench capabilities


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