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Control-M simplifies the management and monitoring of batch processes, integrating all aspects into a single viewpoint, providing an increased span of control, improving productivity, and reducing errors and delays. Control-M provides cross-application and cross-platform scheduling capabilities, such as job dependencies, workload balancing, and event based job execution, preventing scheduling challenges from becoming business challenges.


Defines the job: Performing batch management from a business perspective begins with identifying the most critical business services, their related critical batch processes, and the batch jobs that facilitate them. A new Control-M Batch Impact Manager service job is then de ned to represent the critical business process. All predecessors in the process ow are discovered automatically and are considered part of the service path.


Automatically monitors workflows: Once critical batch processes are identified, Control-M Batch Impact Manager dynamically tracks the status of the entire service. Potential delays are determined at the earliest possible time by constantly scanning the jobs related to the business process, giving IT staff ample time to prevent the problem.

Automatically initiates problem resolution: When a delay or failure is detected, proper notification is displayed through standard Control-M alert mechanisms. Control-M Batch Impact Manager can also: • Open a service desk ticket describing the service currently at risk 
 • Send an alert to show the impact of a scheduled automation event in the service model 
 • Send an alert to the Control-M/Enterprise Manager 
 • Send an alert via SNMP to external monitoring systems • Trigger automatic corrective actions, such as a recovery job submission, to bypass the delay and ensure the continuation of the batch process flow

Enables root-cause analysis: To help IT understand the root cause of a potential delay, Control-M Batch Impact Manager offers advanced problem analysis tools, such as a job’s estimated future run times, critical path analysis, execution time windows, and statistical trends. IT can use these capabilities to quickly identify and analyse problems and evaluate potential resolutions.

Prevention Through Simulation: Control-M Batch Impact Manager offers extensive simulation capabilities. Actions such as skipping a job within the job ow, changing a job’s priority, manipulating logical resources, and other activities can be easily simulated on top of the live production environment. This allows a precise examination of the potential result of such a change at both the job and business process levels.
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Control-M Batch Impact Manager detects potential delays and errors in batch workload processing, enabling IT staff to take corrective actions before business services are affected. It proactively determines how a delay or failure in batch workflow execution will affect systems and business users. With that insight, IT can prioritize incident responses to minimize disruption to the most important workflows.


When a batch process failure or latency occurs in the IT environment, its impact to the business may not be obvious. Is it a low priority issue or will it have a direct impact on the bottom line? Can IT afford not to know? BMC SOLUTION Control-M delivers the next wave of IT automation—Digital Business Automation— moving beyond traditional workload automation and adapting to modern IT technologies and processes. Control-M Batch Impact Manager brings a business perspective to batch workflow management. It gives users insight into how changes or disruptions may affect operations and helps them plan corrective action. By extending workflow visibility to the business process level, users gain the insight and automated controls necessary to build safeguards into their enterprise batch processing systems.


  • Control-M Batch Impact Manager enables proactive workflow planning and troubleshooting.
  • Predictive analytics detect potential delays and errors in the batch business process, preventing interruptions to business services
  • Advanced problem analysis tools identify the root cause of actual and potential service level agreement (SLA) delays and provides guidance on how to resolve them
  • Extensive simulation capabilities eliminate trial and error in the production environment, helping prevent conflicts


  • Provides the business perspective needed to make job scheduling and management decisions
  • Minimizes business disruption by providing advance notification of potential delays or failures
  • Fast time-to-benefit by delivering value as soon as a single SLA is defined




Whether you are at your desk or on the go you can easily see the status of all the services that are critical to your organization.

No manual calculations are required, even if the services are comprised of hundreds or thousands of jobs.

Batch Impact Manager provides the following benefits:

  • Allows anyone in the organization to understand if critical business services are on time, in jeopardy of being late,
  • or actually late, and with an indicator of which job or jobs is causing the problem.
  • Provides a dashboard view of service status through the installed GUI interface as well as
  • via the web and mobile app.
  • Sends real-time alerts anytime the status of a service changes, resulting in true proactive service
  • monitoring, allowing for shortened remediation times.

Eliminate costly batch processing delays with predictive analytics

  • Clear, graphical view of jobs as “services” enables you to see what matters most to the business
  • Automated alerts provide predictive SLA delay detection with root cause analytics for problem
  • resolution guidance
  • Extensive simulation capabilities eliminate trial and error in the production environment,
  • preventing conflicts and saving time




Every business service has a critical deadline and it may vary by day, week, month, and quarter.

Instead of spending all day,

every day doing manual calculations and estimating completion times, sit back and let

Batch Impact Manager do

all of the heavy lifting for you. ·

  • Receive proactive alerts for business services that may be delayed
  • Workflows are displayed showing service name, deadline, expected time of completion, problematic jobs (if any),
  • along with much more information
  • Conditional automated remediation actions can be defined to ensure on time service delivery



View service details in the Control-M mobile app

Modernize your approach to workload automation based on the latest industry trends and priorities

Digital transformation has introduced complex new requirements for IT operations—

and new opportunities for an enterprise approach to workload automation. Learn how workload professionals

and IT leaders are transforming business processes to deliver a strategic impact, including:

  • Delivering integrated applications more quickly, at a lower cost
  • Simplifying the adoption of Hadoop and big data analytics
  • Gaining centralized control over workflows across the business

Expand the impact of workload automation for your digital business.


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Desktop, Mobile


Developed by BMC, Hosted by Quintica


Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone


Microsift Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps for Work, Sharepoint








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