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Control-M Application Integrator has features for application developers and production control sta to design, test, deploy, and schedule jobs and business services. It extends the bene ts of Control-M to any application through an easy-to-use design tool and access to crowdsourced job types in the Control-M Application Hub.


One interface, endless possibilities: Manage SAP S/4HANA, R/3, business information warehouse, data archiving, process integration, and business objects jobs with a single, powerful, and easy-to-use solution.

Application Integrator extends capabilities: The Control-M Application Integrator design tool lets you extend workload automation to any application in the SAP ecosystem, including Concur® and Fieldglass®. Automate essential workloads, create and manage new services, and eliminate silos by managing more job types through the Control-M interface.
Rapid job creation: All SAP jobs are defined using a fill-in-the- blank, wizard-like template. Most values are selected from lists retrieved directly from SAP, which saves time and prevents errors by helping ensure correct values are entered. Create new jobs from scratch, copy existing SAP jobs, or use jobs already queued within SAP—through the same interface used for all other enterprise workloads.
  Cross-platform integration: Integrate le transfers with SAP and non-SAP tasks for an end-to-end view of business processes.

Automated job conversion: The conversion tool imports SAP job definitions into Control-M so existing jobs don’t have to be redeveloped.

Streamline end-of-month closing: Support for SAP Process Integration (PI) and the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit (FCC) means PI channels and end-of-month closing processes can be automated.

Spawned child jobs and job interception: Control-M for SAP provides full child job management and intercepts user submitted jobs so unplanned job activity does not consume production resources and result in service delays.
Act-on-event triggers: SAP provides triggers that report important developments such as system startups, shutdowns, database updates, and business events. Control-M for SAP automatically and instantly acts on these triggers by continuously monitoring them and launching user-de ned follow-ups, thus enabling enterprises to prevent outages and ensure reliable workload execution.
Move SAP management out of the data center: Empower users to manage their application workload from a web browser or mobile device without burdening IT.
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Control-M for SAP® , an SAP certified solution, automates and simplifies the scheduling of SAP batch jobs within enterprise IT environments, resulting in improved service delivery. A powerful graphical interface makes it easy to build and monitor workflows across the enterprise, regardless of the workload type, delivering an end-to-end view of all business services from a single point of control.


Without automation, creating or making changes to SAP jobs becomes difficult and complex. Simple requests require scripting and testing before they can be put into production. Scheduling new jobs is also a challenge because multiple dependencies must be considered and SAP provides only basic tools to help. The development and implementation process can slow to a crawl, creating frustration for SAP support specialists and business users alike.


Control-M delivers the next wave of IT automation – Digital Business Automation – moving beyond traditional workload automation and adapting to modern IT technologies and processes. Control-M for SAP automates scheduling and management for SAP S/4HANA and R/3 jobs, and supports all applications in the SAP ecosystem. The intuitive interface gives users access to view service and job status, while schedulers retain control over scheduling and execution through a graphical interface that shows SAP jobs and all other enterprise workloads—without the need for custom scripts.


  • Control-M for SAP automates digital business to enable you to create and manage SAP services faster
  • Specialists not required – Eliminates the time, complexity, and specialized knowledge required to manage S/4HANA and R/3 jobs, and supports any applications in the SAP ecosystem
  • Worry-free coordination – Manages the dependencies between SAP activities and non-SAP tasks (e.g., file transfers, database access)


  • Accelerates SAP implementation with deep integration and broad support for SAP functionality
  • Uses HANA without scripting
  • Enhances service delivery by reducing manual procedures, accelerating problem resolution, and expanding users’ control for SAP and non-SAP workloads
  View service status and job details anywhere, anytime

Control-M for SAP is digital enterprise automation that eliminates the time, complexity, and specialized knowledge required to manage SAP workflows.

  Manage all your complex SAP workflows from a single interface

  • Seamlessly manage SAP HANA workloads with Control-M for Databases
  • Eliminate the need for custom scripts, saving time and money while improving service levels
  • Integrate any application from your SAP ecosystem, including Concur and Fieldglass, with Control Application Integrator
  • Streamline end-of-month closing with support for SAP Process Integration (PI) and the SAP Financial Closing cockpit (FCc)
  • Integrate file transfers with related workflows, for SAP as well as across the enterprise
  Manage complex SAP workflows with consistent problem identification, cause verification, and automatic job response capabilities

  • Support SAP for S/4HANA, SAP Financial Closing cockpit, BusinessObjects and much more
  • Manage and automate SAP Process Integration communication channels
  • Forecast, collaborate, ensure audit compliance and manage dynamic policies
  • Integrate any application across SAP ecosystem from a single point of control


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