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Control-M simplifies the management and monitoring of batch processes, integrating all aspects into a single viewpoint, providing an increased span of control, improving productivity, and reducing errors and delays. Control-M provides cross-application and cross-platform scheduling capabilities, such as job dependencies, workload balancing, and event based job execution, preventing scheduling challenges from becoming business challenges.


Dashboard view of file transfer status and endpoint activity: The intuitive operational dashboard provides instant visibility into all file transfer operations, including the status of all file transfers, throughput levels, and specific endpoints.


Advanced search capabilities: From the product client application or from a self-service, web-based interface, users can easily find details of a specific file, without needing to know the associated name of the job that transferred the file.

Convenient, comprehensive monitoring: Schedule secured file transfers with encryption and authentication, monitor run-time statistics (e.g., transfer rate and estimated remaining time), and quickly recover when file transfers fail.

File transfer and business processes alignment: After a file transfer operation completes, the dynamic scheduling capability automatically updates the business service and initiates any downstream jobs, eliminating the need for manual intervention or complicated scripting. Automated integration ensures that any related processes are triggered on schedule and that service levels are met.


File transfer protection: Files can be transferred securely with FTP, secured FTP (SFTP), FTP over SSL, or PGP encryption.

  Automatic recovery: When network failures or outages cause a file transfer to fail, automatically recover and restart the failed transfer from the point of failure or from the beginning. If multiple files are transferred within a single job and one file transfer fails, recover or restart only the file or files that failed. Automated monitoring and scheduling features ensure that dependent jobs can automatically adjust to the change in the scheduled processing time.

Centralized configuration: Administrators can deploy and upgrade Control-M Managed File Transfer on every endpoint from a centralized configuration interface. They can also use the interface to manage the connection pro files to the endpoints and configure various optional settings.


Built-in file transfer server: Eliminate the need to manually configure file transfer settings on each endpoint or to use third-party file transfer servers for Microsoft® Windows® platforms. The file transfer server supports secured transfer and authentication and can be managed from the central configuration interface for all endpoints.

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Control-M Managed File Transfer enables you to intuitively build, schedule, and manage file transfers, just like any other batch job. Combining batch jobs and file transfers in a single system prevents data errors and job failures while improving visibility and control.


Modern enterprise operations are highly dependent on file transfers between different applications and systems. File transfers are typically managed through a combination of scripting, proprietary applications, and manual intervention. Each approach has its own risks and support requirements, and using multiple methods prevents organizations from having fully integrated, automated operations. These limitations prevent complete visibility into overall activity and are often the cause of failed file transfers.


Control-M delivers the next wave of IT automation—Digital Business Automation— moving beyond traditional workload automation and adapting to modern IT technologies and processes. Control-M Managed File Transfer puts you in control of file transfers with an intuitive graphical user interface to guide you through job definitions and ensure transfers are associated with a comprehensive automated workflow or process when appropriate. With Control-M Managed File Transfer, you get instant visibility into the status of file transfers with a dashboard view, enhanced security with encryption options, and reduced risk of downtime with automated monitoring and recovery features.


Control-M Managed File Transfer securely automates enterprise file transfers, maintains data integrity, and provides a single view of all activity.

  • Centralizes and automates file transfers and simplifies scheduling
  • Aligns file transfers with business processes
  • Provides instant visibility into the status of file transfers with an operational dashboard and file transfer search
  • Reduces TCO with automatic deployment from a central interface and built-in file transfer server


  • Ensures compliance with successful file transfers that help ensure data integrity
  • Improves service levels by eliminating lag time between file transfer and subsequent processing steps
  • Reduces risk by automatically restarting unsuccessful jobs from the point of failure
  • Provides a single point of control for the enterprise by managing file transfers inline with other related workloads


Automate digital business with managed file transfer

  • Integrated: Manage file transfers and workloads with digital business automation
  • Secure: Schedule and manage your FTP transfers securely
  • Timely: Eliminate lag time between file transfers and subsequent processing steps
  • Visible: Gain instant visibility into the status of your transfers
  • Reliable: Use automated recovery capabilities to improve reliability




Quickly find details on any file transfer and associated batch job

Leverage comprehensive file transfer and workload management in a single, secure environment
File transfer operations plays a critical role in your digital business. Learn how you can gain comprehensive

visibility and control in a single, secure environment.

  • Create and schedule file transfer jobs through a drag-and-drop interface
  • Enhance continuity with automatic job restarts and customized alerts
  • Empower users to view and manage their own file transfers

Improve your digital business systems and processes running at their best.




Your enterprise operations depend on file transfers between different applications and systems typically managed

through a combination of scripting, proprietary applications,

and manual intervention. Using multiple methods creates unnecessary risk and prevents you from fully automating operations.

These practices are often the root cause of failed

file transfers that disrupt business services.
With Control-M Managed File Transfer you can:

  • Reduce costs by combining job scheduling and file transfers in one view
  • Align file transfers with business process flows and improve service levels
  • Reduce risk by providing users a single point of control for file transfers and workloads



The proper selection of tools and technologies across your diverse environment while managing costs and staff resources is critical.

A flexible platform allows you to enable application developers to collaboratively manage changes to application workflows and file transfers.
Control-M Managed File Transfer can help you:

  • Centralize and automate file transfers and simplify scheduling
  • Align file transfers with business process flows and improve service levels
  • Get instant visibility into the status of batch processes along with all file transfer activity
  • Easily view status of all file transfers with an operational dashboard and search capabilities
  • Reduce TCO with automatic deployment from a central interface and built-in file transfer server


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