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Control-M simplifies the management and monitoring of batch processes, integrating all aspects into a single viewpoint, providing an increased span of control, improving productivity, and reducing errors and delays. Control-M provides cross-application and cross-platform scheduling capabilities, such as job dependencies, workload balancing, and event based job execution, preventing scheduling challenges from becoming business challenges.


Users can view services through any mobile device or standard web browser. They’ll see a view of the workload services that are relevant to them in color-coded tiles that indicate the status. Each service is a collection of jobs that has a business-oriented name specifically de ned for usage within the self-service environment. This approach lets users view their workload in a familiar, context sensitive way.


Each tile in the self-service interface represents a group of jobs that perform related business functions. Additional information is presented on the face of each tile to indicate percentage of completion, how many jobs are contained in the service, and the current status of the service. Users can simply double click to get even more detailed information.

Job specific operational actions are also available by right- clicking on a job and making selections from a simple menu. Actions such as hold, rerun, or kill, enable users to effectively manage their jobs without requiring assistance from IT staff.

Improves control and compliance: Control-M Self Service automatically ensures that actions are documented and logged. IT can minimize risk by using the same role-based credentialing model as the Control-M base architecture to manage the rights provided to each business user.

Assists compliance auditing: Control-M Self Service is fully integrated into the Control-M infrastructure and takes advantage of all standard auditing interfaces. All self-service actions are captured, recorded, and available in audit reports generated by the Control-M reporting facility.

Improves security: Control-M Self Service leverages the comprehensive security infrastructure of the Control-M base architecture. This ensures consistency and eliminates the need for separate procedures to de ne and manage self-service users. User administration can be significantly reduced by enabling Control-M external security through an LDAP or Active Directory connection. This configuration option allows organizations to perform all user management in LDAP/AD, thus eliminating the need to de ne and manage users within Control-M.

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Control-M Self Service gives business users the visibility, control, and responsiveness they need in a context they can easily understand, while freeing up IT personnel to focus on essential operations that require their specialized skills.


Directing phone calls, emails, and service desk tickets to IT contacts requesting the status of business related workloads is common, as well as time-consuming and expensive. IT must respond to the requests, taking time away from other responsibilities while business users are kept waiting.


Control-M delivers the next wave of IT automation—Digital Business Automation— moving beyond traditional workload automation and adapting to modern IT technologies and processes. Control-M Self Service gives business users real-time, contextual information about their business services and frees IT organizations from having to respond to routine status update requests. All users can view the workload services that are relevant to them from either the web or their mobile device. Control-M Self Service extends access by clearly displaying jobs and process flows in an interface all users can easily understand.


Control-M Self Service improves service delivery by allowing users to manage their own requests.

  • Eliminates requests – Users can submit jobs through a fully controlled and audited service catalog instead of a change request or relying on email, phone calls, or other methods
  • Enables mobile access – Users can check the status of scheduled workloads and perform basic management tasks through Apple® iOS® and Google® Android™ devices


  • Reduces IT operations overhead – Eliminates the time and work associated with user-submitted service request tickets, allowing IT to work on more strategic initiatives
  • Improves customer service – A role-based interface shows business users the information they need at both the job and business service level, allowing business users to run faster and raise their level of customer service



Manage batch services at any time from anywhere

  • Mobile support – Fully supports iOS and Android devices, providing easy access
  • Intuitive interface – Usability without overwhelming technical detail, eliminating training
  • Automated compliance – Security policies are automatically enforced for all users, ensuring compliance
  • Broad support for services and job types
  • Supports any infrastructure, any data, any application, reducing processing related costs
  • Easy deployment – Install and deploy in minutes, providing positive customer experience



The more IT support functions your organization can automate, the faster you can make progress on strategic initiatives.

Control-M Self Service supports faster innovation by relieving

IT from responding to routine inquiries and enabling your resources to be more efficient.

  • Provide a simple user interface that goes anywhere: ·
  • Reduce IT operations support overhead by empowering business users to help themselves ·
  • Free up IT Staff to increase the pace of innovation without adding headcount




Your business users frequently contact IT operations to check on the status of their reports or other jobs.

These requests are time consuming for both your staff and the IT organization,

as it pulls everyone away from more critical work. Control-M Self Service gives your team a time saving resource that provides them with the flexibility they need

Your team can leverage Control-M Self Service to:

  • Get real-time visibility into their workload status and updates
  • Manage their jobs through an intuitive self-service interface
  • Eliminate the need to submit ticket requests

The detailed view displays the jobs that make up a service.

This view presents an intuitive flow diagram that shows predecessor and

successor relationships of all workload elements in the service and enables users to quickly and easily

understand the business logic of the service.

Users can manage operations that are specific to each job while IT retains overall control over changes and scheduling.


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Developed by BMC, Hosted by Quintica


Monthly (per device), Perpetual


Desktop, Mobile


Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone


Microsift Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps for Work, Sharepoint








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