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Drag-and-drop interface: Application developers or any other requestors that need to build or modify workflows can use a simple drag-and-drop interface to graphically design and view their workflows without having to become workload automation experts. Control-M Workload Change Manager helps automate workflow construction, in accordance to site standards you define, and lets users easily submit requests for scheduling. Authorized workload schedulers can approve requests and activate them immediately. Optional site customizations enable you to simplify work ow creation even more by exposing only the options that are relevant for each user.


Track Changes: If any changes are required, Control-M Workload Change Manager provides “Track Changes” and annotation capabilities that enable easy collaboration between requestors and schedulers to address any issues and finalize the workflows. The ability to reuse and easily modify existing jobs and workflows accelerates the change process while improving quality.

Submitting requests: A request is initiated when an application developer or business user requires a work ow to be built or modified. The user logs in to Control-M Workload Change Manager, fills in a new request form, then either builds a new work ow or loads an existing one and modifies it. Once the desired changes have been made, the request is submitted to schedulers for further review and processing. Control-M Workload Change Manager requests can be connected to your change management system to track workflow changes together with other application components that are being built or modified.

Processing requests: All user requests are placed into a queue where authorized schedulers can review and select them. If the work ow is complete, the scheduler can simply check it in. However, the scheduler can also change or annotate the request and return it to the requester for further work. This collaborative exchange continues until the request is completed.

Site standards: Many organizations have standards they wish to enforce for job names, application categories, and other elements. Control-M Workload Change Manager enables you to de ne and enforce comprehensive standards. It automates the standards process across multiple environments and applications and automatically enforces requests submitted by web users and work ow schedulers. This approach ensures workflows meet all site standards, and thereby reduces failures in the operational environment and rework for developers and schedulers.
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Control-M Workload Change Manager is a collaboration portal that automates and simplifies application workflow creation and modification, resulting in faster application implementation and improved service delivery.


Schedulers and developers may have competing responsibilities and priorities, which can create delays and conflicts that slow the development cycle. Many application development organizations are slowed by their manual processes for creating and modifying workflows and getting them into production. These tasks are often handed over to a scheduling specialist who is also responsible for managing all other enterprise workflows. Businesses need a way for schedulers and developers to collaborate so that they can become more agile in the delivery of applications.


Control-M delivers the next wave of IT automation—Digital Business Automation— moving beyond traditional workload automation and adapting to modern IT technologies and processes. Enterprises need the ability to quickly create and deliver new services. Control-M Workload Change Manager gives developers the ability to quickly build and modify workflows that adhere to enterprise-defined standards that are automatically enforced. Automation features manage important quality control functions and reduce deployment time, while schedulers retain authority for approving workflows and putting them into production. The solution decentralizes the workflow development process without compromising quality or control.


  • Control-M Workload Change Manager saves time for the professionals who develop applications and those that schedule and run them.
  • Fast, easy, and accurate – Allows developers and other non-IT staff to quickly develop and modify workflows with an intuitive interface
  • Automated standards, development, and enforcement – Defines standards for multiple environments or applications to ensure workflows are accurate
  • Clarity in a dynamic environment – Shows all workflows in a single interface, allowing everyone to easily see the relationship between net new workflows and related existing jobs


  • Cuts development time – Delivers business applications faster with expedited workflow creation by deflecting routine help desk calls; reusable components can accelerate the change cycle up to 80 percent
  • Eases the burden on schedulers – Empowers developers and business users to create their own workflows, while production support staff retains control of approval and scheduling




Simplify and accelerate application workflows
Control-M Workload Change Manager makes it easy to automate and simplify batch application workflows to help reduce costs and accelerate delivery of business services.

  • Deliver applications faster by automating and simplifying workflows.
  • Improve quality with automated enforcement of site standards and a streamlined process for making changes.
  • Increase business agility with a scalable solution that accelerates change requests by up to 80%.
  • Accelerate application change and deployment cycle times with automated application workflow promotion between test and production environments.



Application developers or any other requester looking to create or modify workflows can use a simple web interface to graphically design and view their workflows without

having to become experts in automating workflows. Control-M Workload Change Manager automatically builds workflows, given defined standards, and sends orders to authorized Schedulers.

They can approve and activate this order immediately. If any change is required, Control-M Workload Change Manager provides Track Changes and other capabilities that facilitate

easy collaboration between applicants and developers to identify any issues and finalize the flow of tasks.




Control-M Workload Change Manager makes it easy to view and understand application flows. It provides access to a graphical view of all application flows based on the user’s authorization settings.

It’s easy to create new workflows that conform to enterprise standards. An authorized user creates site standards that guide users through the process and help them create functional, compliant workflows

without numerous rounds of revision and testing.


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Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone


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