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Discover – ServiceNow® Discovery gives you the means to create an accurate, up to date single system of record for your infrastructure, both on premises and in public clouds. It identifies IP enabled configuration items (CIs), maps their interdependencies, and populates and maintains them in the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) – a critical step to automating service management. Discovery is scheduled on a regular basis to help ensure the accuracy of the CI data underpinning ServiceNow applications across the enterprise. When you use ServiceNow Service Mapping in combination with Discovery, you can discover both infrastructure and services, making our CMDB and applications service aware.
Service Management – Creating an accurate, service aware view of infrastructure and keeping it up to date is a challenge, particularly with conventional, manual approaches. Our patented “top down” approach to service mapping discovers and maps the relationships between IT components, including cloud services, that comprise specific business services, even in dynamic, virtualized environments. ServiceNow® Service Mapping continuously monitors hybrid IT infrastructure for service affecting changes and updates service maps in real time.

Event Management – The best way to minimize, or even preempt, the impact of service outages and ensure business continuity is to monitor the health of business services and infrastructure in real time and respond appropriately to any issues that come up. ServiceNow® Event Management reduces event noise generated by third party monitoring tools, uses predictive machine learning techniques to prevent outages, and creates actionable alerts that enable IT to eliminate service outages. When used with ServiceNow Operational Intelligence, Event Management can also generate alerts from infrastructure anomalies that indicate potential service outages.
Event Management may also be used with ServiceNow Service Mapping to map alerts to service maps and provide an intuitive service health dashboard. IT can take fast, contextually aware action from alerts by automatically creating incidents, associating knowledge base articles, setting rules to trigger workflows, or providing automated remediation options through ServiceNow Orchestration. With integrated, service aware Event Management, IT can proactively focus on issues that have high impact on business services and can act in a fast or preventive fashion to ensure service availability.

Orchestration – ServiceNow® Orchestration lets you increase agility by automating IT and business processes for operations management. You can reduce tasks with Password Reset and Client Software Distribution, and improve end user productivity by giving users the ability to access services directly. Codeless automation and activity packs also automate and accelerate processes for employee onboarding, managed file transfer, and remediation.
Cloud Management – Your IT team wants to launch products quickly, so employees can get work done fast. But provisioning cloud resources too quickly can lead to virtual machine (VM) sprawl, unmanaged resources, and out of control costs. IT needs to monitor resource allocation and budget, without slowing down innovation. What’s more, as the demand for the cloud resources grow, so does the complexity to manage and control them. ServiceNow® Cloud Management solves the challenge of cloud complexity and sprawl by extending the service management approach to the public and private cloud—making it easy to manage and control all your cloud resources.
Configuration Management Database – To effectively manage and improve your systems, you need to know exactly what assets are in your IT environment and have current, accurate configuration data. With an accurate configuration management database (CMDB), it’s easy to understand your organization’s IT environment, particularly in the areas of service impact analysis, asset management, compliance, and configuration management. The ServiceNow CMDB provides a single system of record for IT. When paired with ServiceNow Service Mapping, the CMDB becomes service aware — which enables your ServiceNow applications to be service aware as well. Now with your CMDB, you gain full visibility of your infrastructure and services, leading to more control of your environment and better decisions.
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Proactively Eliminate Service Outages and Manage Hybrid Clouds

Move IT operations from a reactive response team to a proactive business partner with ServiceNow® IT Operations Management. Gain visibility into your end‑to‑end business services by understanding the relationship with the underlying IT resources.

Improve availability by knowing your service health while reducing event noise and quickly pinpointing disruptions. Increase agility by automating IT processes and remediation actions keeping services healthy, and engage in a multi cloud strategy by providing enterprise‑ready self‑service capabilities to cloud users.



Improve Availability
Manage end-to-end business services to gain insight into service health.

Leverage machine learning-driven analytics to reduce event noise by 99%.Identify the impact of change and quickly pinpoint root cause disruption enabling

prioritization to prevent outages.





Discover Hybrid Infrastructure Quickly

  • Rapid, non-disruptive discovery with an agentless architecture
  • Simple to configure and launch
  • Software probes, sensors and patterns can be easily modified
  • Automatically match discovered devices with existing Cis in the CMDB
  • Map CI relationships






Get a clear picture of business services and the hybrid IT infrastructure underlying them,

without putting pen to paper.

Understand the Business Impact of Change
Determine how change management processes impact the availability of critical business services

by correlating the problems with recent change activities.

Quickly understand if a detected change is approved or not, if an approved change has been deployed correctly

and the potential cascading changes are required, prior to approving a change request.


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ServiceNow, Quintica(Custimisation and Configuration)


Monthly per user


Desktop, Mobile


Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone








ITOM Standard: Starting from $14 per node, ITOM Professional: Starting from $22 per node, ITOM Enterprise: Starting from $34 per node


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